Gelish manicures use a soak off gel polish and system allows you to create amazing manicure and pedicure effect designs that last up to 3 weeks.

gelish_bottles2The Gelish manicures consist of several steps to give an amazing look. Listed below are the steps involved in how Spatini Nail Skin Hair Spa in Scottsdale.

  • Brush pH bond over nail & free edge.
  • Cure under the LED lamp for 5 sec
  • Remove the tacky surface w/Clean dry brush

At most Scottsdale nail salons, you can quickly tell a lot from about a woman by looking at her nails. Are they conservative color like a neutral brown or french manicure? Others like the special EFX of going against the grain, with an almost shocking look that expresses that edgy and artistic personality.

Spatini Salon’s French Gelish Manicures

Here’s how we create an amazing french manicure classic look w/the Gelish system. We apply the Arctic White then cure for  under LED light for 30 sec. Next we apply the simple sheer pink and cure for 20 sec

We then apply a layer of top it off & seal the free edge.

Using the nail surface cleanse to remove residue from the the nail we then nourish your cuticles with oil to massage and moisturize the your cuticles.

Amazing Gelish Manicures Using the Gelish Manicure System

gelish-manicures-scottsdale-az-2-300x225French manicures are just one of the many different effects, styles, and colors we can create with the canvass of your nails. The great thing about the Gelish Manicure System is that there are also different EFX and Magneto looks that express your wild, techie, artsy, professional, and or crazy side to your personality.

So for special occasions… make an appointment at Spatini Nail Skin Hair Spa in Scottsdale. Whether you’re going out for wine, work, or a wedding we can create the look that your friends will be Gelish about. Spatini is located at 7127 E Sahuaro Dr. Suite 101Scottsdale, AZ 85254



Make it complete spa day with a skin treatment, waxing, and massage. 

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